A new life is growing…

… a little more every day, nine months long. Your tummy and bust will slowly get bigger.

Anita’s maternity range simply grows with your body and, thanks to its high level of comfort, makes sure that you feel good throughout your pregnancy. The bras and bustiers fit perfectly and provide the support you now need.

Our know-how is based on 50 years of experience. We are here for you and your baby!

Fashionable lingerie, nightwear and swimwear for expectant and breastfeeding mums offering great fit, design and functionality

Nursing Bras and Lingerie

Your breast fills with milk and your heart overflows with love

The Anita maternity nursing bras can be easily opened and closed with one hand and also support your breast when the cup is open

Maternity Swimwear

Gorgeous, stylish swimwear for expectant mums with an optimal support function.

Immerse yourself in happiness