We have been offering our distinct products in the Egyptian market for more than 40 years as Sole Importer and Distributor for a Wide range of specialty products and brands from well- reputed international manufacturers, by Eng. Adel Aziz.

Ashraf Adel Aziz and Ramy Adel Aziz followed the father’s footsteps for the last years were we gained the experience, the efficiency that allowed us to be very qualified to continue that success.

Vision & Mission

VERINA Company is committed with the mission of providing to superiority, excellence in dealing with the customers and offering the highest quality products.

We have our team of medical representatives, sales representatives to reach every governorate in Egypt and our trained staff in VERINA WORK SHOP.

VERINA co. realized a big expansion all over Egypt.

We sell our products in hospitals, pharmacies, physical therapy centers, private medical shops etc… beside our VERINA WORK SHOP customers.

VERINA Work shop center is a professional, qualified and specialized medical staff provides and supports our esteemed patients with individual & professional advice, guidance and assist.

Our work shop is located in an upper class and very well known district which in turn is easily accessible to all clients from other areas.

Our trained team is well prepared to accommodate the needs of our clients & providing them with the needs products information, taking measurements and showing them the ideal method of using and taking care of the product.

Our Strengths

  • As a result of more than 40 years of experiences we gained the good reputation and relationships in the Egyptian market.
  • We created a new guidelines and strategies which lead us to offer the best after sales customer service in our field.
  • Proficient Management and Qualified Staff.
  • Wide range of specialty products and brands from well- reputed international manufacturers.
  • Respect and trusts

Our Brands

VERINA Co. Exclusive Sole Agent and Distributor for:        



French Company, an Össur group company world leader in the orthopedics innovation. Specialized in Orthopedics, Phlebology, Comfort and well being range, provide their service for more than 75 years.

Gibaud’s medical devices are well-known and appreciated all over the world and are used by millions of patients.


German Company world leader Breast forms and related lingerie and swimwear.

They have passion for details; they focus on the comfort of the women.

They are constantly working on ways of improving our products, developing new materials and fine-tuning the perfect fit.

In doing this, their creative team has to strike the perfect balance between a variety of factors: colours and patterns, lace and embroidery, bands and edging.

New trends, years of experience, technical expertise and a passion for beauty all make for a high-quality bra which does not just sit where it should, but is also elegant and attractive.


French company specialised developer and manufacturer of innovative Walking Aids (elbow crutches) Focusing on safety and comfort for the user.

FDI has invested in innovative design and materials to bring to the market Walking Aids that are adaptable to the specific requirements of the individual user contain many features for safety and comfort, and benefit from a modern and ergonomic design.

The company has acquired a strong position in the French market and embarked on a major programme to develop its business in the international market through partnerships with specialised distributors which have the appropriate sales and support organisation to assure optimal service to the customer.


Belgium Company specialised in wheelchairs, home care products and aids for elderly, world leader in manual and electronic wheelchairs.

From wheelchairs to walking aids, from scooters to tricycles… all products meet the same professional quality standards on which VERMEIREN’s success is based. VERMEIREN offers a wide, extensive range of products and accessories to meet the specific needs of every user.
At VERMEIREN, aesthetics and ease of use always go hand in hand. Almost all products are individually adjustable to provide maximum comfort. This is the result of very thorough research and more than 50 years of experience.

VERMEIREN… opening up new horizons for mobility

VERMEIREN is the driving force behind the comfort of the disabled.